Friday, August 12, 2011

Lets go sking!

This is what packing looks like on a Friday night when you have been in Melbourne all day then off to Aus Kick, dinners and baths....and packing!

 Tomorrow we start our journey to Falls Creek. Spending our first night in Melbourne before setting off on a 5hr car ride to the snow.

This will be our 3rd year skiing with the kids and i think we are getting it down to a fine art. From taking pre-cooked dinners, to hiring lockers at the top of the mountain so we don't have to hold our skis, the kids skis and help the kids get on and off the chair lift all at the same time!

Hero and Banjo are super excited about going which is great, as for Iggy, i will let you know how he fares at childcare (?), i am anticipating him to not enjoy drop off at all!

Stay tuned for the report when we return, ( 20th ).