Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Iggy!

My beautiful boy turned 1 today.
I often think the 1st birthday is more a milestone for the Mum then bubs! 
It's a very nostalgic and emotional journey back to this day 1 year ago, remembering the drama, the excitement, the raw emotions that can only be produced when a baby is born.
I remember thinking that day after his arrival...so this is you....i finally get to meet you...
But really it is now that i am really finding our who he is. And i am loving it!

1 week old
                                                                        1 year old

Everyday i see more into his personality. He is such a lovely little thing.
He is much more reserved then Banjo was, and he has a very different humorous side to him that i have not see in the other kids.
He is extremely observant, and instinctive of people.
I was very impressed tonight when he knocked over a plastic bottle as he walked past, he stopped looked  at it, he thought for a minute and then turned back to pick up the bottle and place it back on the table!
What a cherub.
He got a balance bike for his birthday, which he will grow into very quickly, but at this time, he was most taken by the wheels.

Happy 1st Birthday Iggles.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

When it rains....SLIDE!

What a week. The kids finally started their new school and kindy, which went as well as can be expected when you walk into an environment which is all very unfamiliar. But i am confident all will work out for the best.

So on Friday we thought we would do something special as a family and go out for dinner, and then it started to rain....and rain....and rain....!

We quite casually watched the water rise....and rise... and rise..., and thought OH MY GOD we better move the car before it gets flooded! We all made a run for it and got quite wet in  the process. When we got home the kids stripped off their soaking clothes and this is what they did! 

  It was a great way to finish off the week, and bring a smile to all our faces!
This coming week is sure to be a killer! But that is another story.......