Sunday, June 2, 2013

Inspiring junior Fiction

Hero is reading so much at the moment, I struggle to keep up to date with what she is reading. I have been conscious though, of what a great opportunity this is for me, not only to introduce great books to her. But to use books to help encourage discussions about values, friendship hurdles, loss, empathy and other complex emotions that are hard to discuss and define.

I came across this book recently, 'Wonder', by RJ Palacio. It was so beautifully written and inspiring to read. As a reader you are drawn into each characters mind and their perspective, which makes it so accessible to all types or discussion.

Here is a Review, but very roughly, the book is about August Pullman, an 9 yer old boy that was born with a serve deformed face. He and his family have decided to try school for the first time. ( He has been home schooled up till now and has endured many operations and long periods in hospital.)

There are some truely moving parts in this book, and the different relationships you read your way through are inspiring. I can not recommend this book more highly.

If you have any other great recommendations I would live to hear them!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spontaneous Shoot!

This is what i came home to the other day! 
We had a big family dinner on that night and Jem and the kids were to roll out and cook some flat bread. I don't know who started it, but one of them thought it was a great idea to throw the flour on your face! Apparently they were very helpful in rolling them out.
If you look close enough at Iggy's, you will see the lovely combo of snot and flour! It was an vision that had to be captured.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Golden Years

Usually when you hear the term 'The Golden Years' you think of retirement, 65+, cups of tea, lawn bowls and that type of thing. But i came across this chapter whilst trying to find answers about how to cope with a large family!! It really struck a cord with me, and made me re think this crazy stage of life.

Have a read, i have highlighted some of the key sentences that really hit home for me.

This picture is one i will look back at with fond memories, summer, sprinkler, trampolines and laughter (with some crying and fighting of cause!)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Iggy is now 3!

3 is such an exciting and cute age. Yes there are challenges, tantrums, random melt downs and communication frustrations. BUT, to see Iggy so so excited about his birthday this year and watching him go off to kinder and feel so independent and grown-up was just so beautiful to watch.

It could be that he is the 3rd child, i could be because he was with friends, it could be because he wants to grow up quicker. Whatever the reason his orientation into kinder was faultless. He was in his element, activities galore, painting, crafty, play dough, lego! And thats not even mentioning the outside activities that are on offer!

I feel such gratification when i see my kids move through life's little obstacles so confidently. Sometimes in the blur of motherhood, you doubt yourself and wonder if you are doing an ok job!

Iggy got such joy from putting on that backpack and heading off kinder.

Iggy's birthday was just so adorable. 3 year olds play so unselfconsciously with each other. There is no sex divide, and they are just happy to be around each other.
He got such joy being the centre of attention, but not in arrogant way, but in a humble way.

I don't think he could believe that all these friends that were coming were here just to see him! And bearing gifts too! 

He Loved the Party food too!

My 3rd is now 3! And is super excited about it! I am excited for me too.

Here is a cute series of pics taken on his birthday with my brother. He had such a great time with him the the tramp.

Iggy got a bike for his birthday. And it arrived with Dadda, in the back of his Ute. It was all very exciting. He has been really loving it. Stay tuned for a video, he can already manage about 20 mt all be himself! He really is such a big boy now.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Christmas and the new Year!

I have fallen a bit behind in my blogs! You would have thought with the holidays and Jem being around i would of had more opportunities to post, but it seem to fly by and before i new it another occasion would come by and here we are at the start of Feb and I haven't even posted about Christmas!

This Christmas was one of favourites. Mum really out-did herself! The house looked incredible. She had fairy lights everywhere and crimson red details beautifully placed all around, candles burning and Christmas trees twinkling.

The kids had a ball at Mum's and we as a family had a lovely time there too. It was really relaxing being at Mum's with no plans, Christmas Day in the pass, beautiful summer days spent lounging in the garden, catching up with friends and eating leftovers.

Before we went down to melbourne the kids had a very fun morning here at Sunnyside opening presents and enjoying them.

Banjo with his Toolbox! (Full of tools!)

Iggy with his rescue helicopter

Hero with her new Nano and wireless speaker
I forgot to get a photo of Roma with her new super soft 'cloud pillow' which she has slept on every night since! We had a really special family Christmas last year, it will be locked into my memory forever.

The next super exciting event was Roma's 1st birthday! Can you believe it? 1 year old already!!!
Our little angel has blossomed into such a perfect little cherub! We are loving how she is changing and working her way into this family. Jem and i cant wait to see what she will add to our family dynamic. All the kids have such different roles and gifts that they bring to the family table, it is amazing to watch how those traits effect, rub off and influence others.

We find ourselves asking, 'who will Roma lookup to?', 'who will she enjoy playing with?', will she clash with one of us?'. So many exciting moments in time to look forward to.
I love this photo of Roma surrounded by family and not understanding what all the attention is about!

Thanks to Carli for these lovely and rare photo's of me with Roma. They mean a lot.

In the last week Roma has just started walking! It is amazing to see. My last baby starts to walk away from her baby year!