Sunday, April 3, 2011


It has been a bit of a fustrating week. I thought i would update my operating system which was getting quite ancient apparently! And in the process my computer threw a tantrum!

I have been on the phone to help people for over a week! What has made this whole process drag on and on is that i don't have many opportunities to sit down at a computer and listen to instructions and concentrate, which is what is needed to fix the problem. Yesterday i had to erase my entire HD, which was very scary.

All my major application has been wiped and so now i have to find the original software in a box, stored away in Shamrock St ( no idea when i might get a chance to do that! )

So this is going to affect my photo's for a while, apologies.

We had a lovely day in Melbourne today, we went down just for the day to see Mum who cooked us a beautiful Sunday lunch. And since Hero has been missing her friends she had an old friend come and play, which she loved.

We all went to the park and i loved watching Banjo with Iggy, he often forgets that Iggy is so little and not the same age as him, but generally, he is fantastic to his little brother. No one can make Iggy laugh quite like Banjo.

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