Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Want to know what a barrister does?

I am on the home stretch... Jeremy has been away with work for the past 2 weeks, so my nights tend to be couch and then bed bound!

I have had a lot of help, (thank-god) but i am really missing my man and my complete family unit.

Being at Sunnyside has made it impossible for Jem to come home when he has a trial on, so it can be hard. Thankfully they don't happen every month!

Last week, Hero's class looked at 'Community Workers', and each student had to prepare a 1-2min talk on a 'community worker' of their choice.

With Jem going away for work (as a barrister) Hero was super keen to talk about her dad.

After some phone conferences with Dad and some visual prompts from mum we manage to put together the most simple and clear talk on, "My Dad a barrister, and why they are community workers." 

Sorry about the camera angle and sound.

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