Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fig Tree House

Sorry it has been a while between posts but things have been pretty busy here.

Mostly due to the setting up of Fig Tree House in preparation to the holiday season.

For those that dont know about it, Fig Tree is a house that we bought after we decided to stay here in Barwon Heads insted of renovating Brunswick.

This house will be very handy next year for visitors to use when it's not rented, and for the grandparents to stay when bubs arrives because Sunnyside will be full!

We have been working hard to get it on-line and now it is up! Fig Tree House can now be viewed and booked!

I would love to know your thoughts on how it reads and looks. Should the 1st image be an exterior one or interior?

Does it need more adjectives it it description?

And of course, make sure to let anyone that might be interested in it know what a wonderful place it is to stay!


  1. Viva, The interior is perfect for the first image. Another exterior showing the yard/deck and outdoor furniture/amenities might be good. Looks very inviting.