Friday, January 27, 2012

It's a girl!

It has been a fantastic summer break for the whole family. The weather has been great and we have been lucking to have Jem with us for all of Jan, so lots of family time and beach time.

And then....

On 22nd January  (my actual due date!) Roma Rose was born!
She was born at 7:05am, she weight 3.485 kg (7lbs 11oz), 53 cm long.

The birth was slow to get started and then once it got some momentum there was no going back! She was born within an hour. I am feeling fantastic, and love not having all the physical  restraints that i had with a cesarean.

We are absolutely thrilled with our little girl, especially Banjo! Of all the kids, he is really quite besotted by her, and now forgets he wanted a brother!

It is great to be back. There will be lots to blog about. Banjo starting prep, many photo's and reports of Roma! And how my days will be quite different with 2 little ones under 2 at home.

Note the dark hair! Not sure where that came from!

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