Thursday, February 14, 2013

Iggy is now 3!

3 is such an exciting and cute age. Yes there are challenges, tantrums, random melt downs and communication frustrations. BUT, to see Iggy so so excited about his birthday this year and watching him go off to kinder and feel so independent and grown-up was just so beautiful to watch.

It could be that he is the 3rd child, i could be because he was with friends, it could be because he wants to grow up quicker. Whatever the reason his orientation into kinder was faultless. He was in his element, activities galore, painting, crafty, play dough, lego! And thats not even mentioning the outside activities that are on offer!

I feel such gratification when i see my kids move through life's little obstacles so confidently. Sometimes in the blur of motherhood, you doubt yourself and wonder if you are doing an ok job!

Iggy got such joy from putting on that backpack and heading off kinder.

Iggy's birthday was just so adorable. 3 year olds play so unselfconsciously with each other. There is no sex divide, and they are just happy to be around each other.
He got such joy being the centre of attention, but not in arrogant way, but in a humble way.

I don't think he could believe that all these friends that were coming were here just to see him! And bearing gifts too! 

He Loved the Party food too!

My 3rd is now 3! And is super excited about it! I am excited for me too.

Here is a cute series of pics taken on his birthday with my brother. He had such a great time with him the the tramp.

Iggy got a bike for his birthday. And it arrived with Dadda, in the back of his Ute. It was all very exciting. He has been really loving it. Stay tuned for a video, he can already manage about 20 mt all be himself! He really is such a big boy now.

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  1. Happy Birthday IGGY!!!
    Hugs & Kisses
    Aunty geegee :)