Sunday, June 2, 2013

Inspiring junior Fiction

Hero is reading so much at the moment, I struggle to keep up to date with what she is reading. I have been conscious though, of what a great opportunity this is for me, not only to introduce great books to her. But to use books to help encourage discussions about values, friendship hurdles, loss, empathy and other complex emotions that are hard to discuss and define.

I came across this book recently, 'Wonder', by RJ Palacio. It was so beautifully written and inspiring to read. As a reader you are drawn into each characters mind and their perspective, which makes it so accessible to all types or discussion.

Here is a Review, but very roughly, the book is about August Pullman, an 9 yer old boy that was born with a serve deformed face. He and his family have decided to try school for the first time. ( He has been home schooled up till now and has endured many operations and long periods in hospital.)

There are some truely moving parts in this book, and the different relationships you read your way through are inspiring. I can not recommend this book more highly.

If you have any other great recommendations I would live to hear them!

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