Monday, December 13, 2010

T'was the week before the week before Christmas...

Hero will finish her first year of school this week, and what an amazing girl she is becoming. I got such a kick when i saw her card to her teacher which she wrote all by herself.

Banjo finished up at 3 year old kinder with such confidence and enthusiasm. He has come along way from the start of the year too.

It is the last week in our West Brunswick house, and i am having mixed feelings. This place has been really great to us, and to be honest, it has only been since Iggy arrived 10 months ago that we are really busting at the seams!

We have a really lovely community here, and i think i have the best neighbor's in the world, which has had a really big impact on my life in this house.

Also my dear beautiful Mum only lives a stone throw down the road and is always there when i need her.

It is these reasons that i feel sad to leave, but it is these reasons that will be awaiting me and on my return.

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