Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas @ Sunnyside

Well we finally got here! After packing everything the weekend before  Christmas, shopping for Christmas lunch on Monday, Tuesday, moving on wednesday, unpacking on Thursday, cooking on Friday! 

This is the family on Christmas morning. And it is the excitement on the kids faces that make it all worth while.

We had a beautiful Christmas, with family coming and going. My dear Mum was with us for a few days including Christmas morning which the kids loved, but she has gone back and it feels strange to have her so far away.

I loved having my family here and to see a house that can actually function as a house should and be able to entertain and hold a number of people at one time! Shamrock Street really didn't do that very well at all.

We have just about finished unpacking and the house is looking nearly normal again, NYE passed us by which was an unexpected blessing. 

Jem and his Dad have undergone a new and exciting challenge  which is quite exciting, so stand-by to see it's unavailing soon!

Happy New Year Barwon Heads! 

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