Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lots of people have been asking to see pics of our place, i am not really ready for an unveiling yet! I have nothing on the walls and still have lots to do but when i came across these pics of Shamrock St before we started packing up,  it really confirmed what a lovely but tight space we had to deal with, especially in comparison to 'Sunnyside', we are truly enjoying how this home works for our family that Shamrock could not do in the end.  

 Iggy has his own room, or Jem and i have our own room again! The kids can run up and down a hallway without getting in anyones way, more then one person can cook in the kitchen at the one time!

Friends and family have a room to sleep in when they visit!

These are the main and important functions 'Sunnyside' has given us since we have arrived. I will in time show you these rooms as they get interior designed!

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