Monday, January 24, 2011

STLYE with a capital B!

Banjo has always been very interested in dress-ups and role play from an early age. Super heroes to pirates, here is a photo of a Knights suit that my Mum made for his 3rd Birthday. But now his interest has turned to general clothes. 

He will get an image in his head of who he wants to be and works for days creating the outfit from the clothes to all the accessories! 

When his aunty got married recently he was adamant that he was to wear a tuxedo! We were lucky to score one at a school fate thank god.

Last week my mum (mermy) came for a visit and we went to this place, it was amazing, i would highly recommend a visit  when you come this way. Anyhow, it was huge and filled with so many treasures, Banjo found this suit! Most people would have walked straight past it but not Banjo!

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