Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Iggy!

My beautiful boy turned 1 today.
I often think the 1st birthday is more a milestone for the Mum then bubs! 
It's a very nostalgic and emotional journey back to this day 1 year ago, remembering the drama, the excitement, the raw emotions that can only be produced when a baby is born.
I remember thinking that day after his arrival...so this is you....i finally get to meet you...
But really it is now that i am really finding our who he is. And i am loving it!

1 week old
                                                                        1 year old

Everyday i see more into his personality. He is such a lovely little thing.
He is much more reserved then Banjo was, and he has a very different humorous side to him that i have not see in the other kids.
He is extremely observant, and instinctive of people.
I was very impressed tonight when he knocked over a plastic bottle as he walked past, he stopped looked  at it, he thought for a minute and then turned back to pick up the bottle and place it back on the table!
What a cherub.
He got a balance bike for his birthday, which he will grow into very quickly, but at this time, he was most taken by the wheels.

Happy 1st Birthday Iggles.

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