Sunday, February 6, 2011

When it rains....SLIDE!

What a week. The kids finally started their new school and kindy, which went as well as can be expected when you walk into an environment which is all very unfamiliar. But i am confident all will work out for the best.

So on Friday we thought we would do something special as a family and go out for dinner, and then it started to rain....and rain....and rain....!

We quite casually watched the water rise....and rise... and rise..., and thought OH MY GOD we better move the car before it gets flooded! We all made a run for it and got quite wet in  the process. When we got home the kids stripped off their soaking clothes and this is what they did! 

  It was a great way to finish off the week, and bring a smile to all our faces!
This coming week is sure to be a killer! But that is another story.......

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