Sunday, March 6, 2011

From Beach to Beach

We have just come back from Byron Bay.
We try to go most years but with Iggy being due in early Feb last year and the move to Barwon Heads this year we haven't been for a while.

We stay at the same place each time called the Happy Shack, which is a bit more then a shack but not a luxury villa either! We have fun there and it works well for our family. It has an amazing veranda with french doors off the kitchen, living and bedroom. The veranda has not 1 but 2 large couches for chilling out and reading (when possible!) It is in a great spot out of the main drag but close enough to it to ride your bike collect some fish & chips for dinner.

Visiting Byron this time felt quite different, and that was because we are now living by the beach. It was different when we were based in Brunswick. We found Byron a bit manic compared to our sleepy Barwon Heads, and beaches are quite comparable too. But what you can't compare is the water! It was divine! The most perfect temperature, the most perfect colour  and clarity. I could have stayed in the sea all day if it was possible, and Hero and Banjo almost did!


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