Monday, March 14, 2011

Style and Talent

This weeks new post is dedicated to 2 of the most stylish and talented people i know.

My dear friend Lizzy and her amazing fiance Steve have entered a very exciting new business enterprise. It is called Tale. They have very courageously imported beautiful unique piece of furniture from all over the world for us to buy!

The Pop-Up-Shop opened this weekend and it looks amazing! Lizzy has done the most incredible job of pulling all these individual piece's together to create a stunning space to visit. Definitely worth a visit.

The next is my mother!

She made Banjo the most amazing jacket and matching cap last week, which has been a big hit with the little style guru himself.

It is easy to take for granted that when your Mum makes an item of clothing it is always made from the most incredible fabrics, finished like Valentino's head seamstress, Antonietta de Angelis, and styled like Grace Coddington!

I have been incredibly spoilt, and now it;' my kids turn.

Thanks Mum. xoxox

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