Saturday, September 17, 2011


I felt inspired to do a shoot with Hero recently. It had been a while since i had taken some proper photos and looking at these i believe she is the essence of 'Spring' at the moment. 

I am feeling a bit sentimental at the moment because i am off on a big adventure without my babies!

On Monday i leave for London where i will catchup with some old and dear friends and then to Paris to meet my Mum for 5 days! I am very excited to be going to Paris with my own Mum, it is a very rare opportunity that came up, and i couldn't let it pass!

I will be away 10 day in total, which is not long in the scheme of things but it is a long time to be away from my family, and to be traveling so far away from them feels unnatural, but i think that is motherly instincts coming through. I know when i am there i will have a wonderful time.

Hero definitely takes after me emotionally, and i think she will be most affected by my absence, and i get a bit teary even thinking about saying goodbye to them. But we will be OK.

And hey, spring here and early Autumn in Europe!
Whats not to love!

See you on my return.

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