Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's late, but I'm back!

I am sorry it has taken me 3 weeks to post on my wonderful journey. I have no real excuses, life has just been busy, and racing by!

London was a lot of fun, Georgina who i stayed with has a awesome pad with a quaint studio flat out the back that was all mine! We ate at some great place's and drank cocktails out of uber cool jam jars!

A highlight was spending time with Mich and her beautiful boy Sonny! He is not much older then Iggy and just adorable with a personality to match. Big xxx Sonny!

Then it was off to Paris on the Eurostar to meet Mum! It was quite surreal to meet up at a Hotel in Paris, but we did and had the most wonderful 5 days.

The first day was so memorable. We woke to a perfect Autumn morning, early, in order to get to one of Paris's incredible Flea Markets. Just look at these still life's! Could they look anymore Parisian? Mum and i bought some real treasures here that will forever take me back when i look at them.

The next major highlight was our trip to Villa Savoye, this was built in 1928 by the architect Le Corbusier. This Villa might not seem that monumental now but when you think of what people were building in the 1930's it is far-and-away ahead of it's time.

It was another perfect day, there were next to no tourists and the grounds were so peaceful. But the house was just so inspiring, so simple, so liveable, so stylish. I could have included hundreds of images, but here are a select few to give you an idea.

Afterwards we caught the bus to the quaint and picturest town of Poissy, where we grabbed a baguette and chocolate eclair, sat in the towns square and watch the French world go by at a lovely calming speed compared to Paris.

The next few days were filled with shopping and nights out, eating at some of the best and happening (Septime) restaurants in Paris!

On our down days we would chill out in a square like this!

The amazing Autumnal light on the changing leaves were indescribable, and it was easy to see where all those impressionist got their inspiration from. 
You would walk through gardens, then look up at a vista like this!

Around every corner there were more and more divine Parisian scenes that you could never get tired of looking at. But my babies were calling for me and i needed to get home to my beautiful family.

But, We had a good-time, didn't we Mum! xx

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