Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Birthday, My Birthday

36 years old?

On Sunday i will 36 years old.

Turning 18 could not come quick enough. 21 was a bit anti climatic. I dreamt about being 30 and loved it. I had thought about 35, but it passed by without to much thought.

36 feels like a bigger step for some reason. Maybe because it is on the other side of my thirties and heading towards 40, but i think it has more to do with nostalgia, and re-capping the last 6 years. I feel as if 4 pregnancies have taken a toll physically on me and i am determined to get my physical confidence back after this one is born.

When i took this pic, i thought about putting on some make-up and and trying a bit harder, but i think it depicts how i feel and who i am at this time in my life.
My fringe desperately needs a cut, hence why i am holding it out the way. In contrast to that i have my nails done because i went to the Melbourne Cup 2 days ago and haven't taken the polish off yet, and i look a bit tired, which is how i feel most days.

Don't get me wrong life is good, it's just that the person i see in the mirror is not quite the person i expect to see at 36. I'm sure it is another example of how fast life goes by.

I am looking forward to a lovely weekend of sunny days at the beach, eating with great friends and of cause being with my incredible family on my 36th birthday.

Happy Birthday to me!!