Monday, November 14, 2011


With only 6 weeks till Christmas i am feeling a bit daunted by what needs to be completed. These are not just individual things but major projects.

In 2 weeks we get the keys to "The Fig Tree House" which needs to be fully furnished and ready for bookings over the december/Jan holiday period.So stay turned for that!

Soon after Christmas we want to move Hero into Iggy's room and put the boys together. This is a major reshuffle, but one that has to happen. Hero really needs her own space now, and needs a place to chill out without noisy boys getting into her things!

Iggy's room is quite small and it will be a real challenge to create a space that is both organised and functional as well as lovely. It will be her first own room so i am keen to try and make it as special as i can, but there is a few things to fit in!
The above images are a bit of inspiration but aren't really realistic to the space.

These eclectic and colourful ones might be more true to form. The images are from lapetite magazine which is well worth a look!

This move also means that Iggy will need to go into a big boys bed in preparation for the new arrival of bub's number 4.

There is of cause Christmas shopping to be done too!

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