Sunday, February 12, 2012


Banjo started school this week, and it was an easy transition, one he absolutely  enjoyed and one we loved watching.

Banjo was ultimately ready for school, and in fact needed to go. I was unable to mentally stimulate him at home anymore, and this was fast becoming an issue at the end of last year with him miss behaving due to boredom.

I did have to fight back some tears, but it was easy to do, due to his excitment and enthusiasm.

I think your child starting school is a Mum's first step to slowly letting go. Letting go of control and testing if your first 5 years of parenting has been successful enough for them to thrive and socially navigate themselves without your guidance.

I must admit i felt a little nervous about this, (remember this post !?) But i have faith that I have done my job, now i need to sit back and watch him learn when to put these attributes in place.

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