Monday, February 13, 2012

Iggy turns 2!

It has been a really busy month!

Not only was Roma born, we also had jeremy's birthday, the start of school and  Iggy's 2nd birthday!

It did  pass quietly, but we the family made it pretty special for him.

Iggy loves cake! Almost as much as ice cream and jelly. And would much prefer these sweet treats over big expensive presents, and with Iggy being the 3rd child we have most toy categories covered! So our present to Iggy was a cake and Jelly extravaganza.

Iggy loves to cook, so he helped me make the cupcakes and Hero and i did most of the decorating the night before. I wish i had a picture of his face when he first saw the tiered cup cake stand filled with cup cakes! He could hardly contain his excitement. He had a great dance that he would do every time Banjo said "Birthday Cake"!

But i did get a photo of him blowing out the candle! What a classic! 

Happy 2nd Birthday Iggy! 

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