Thursday, March 22, 2012

Struggling with time..

Iggy & Roma
This was a sweet moment!

I look forward to reading my favourite blogs regularly and find myself getting disappointed when they haven't blogged for a few days.

I always intended to blog quite regularly and am annoyed with myself that i haven't managed to make it happen. I know i am busy with all the kids but it also has to do with the content. I am still unsure as to how personal i want to be or how impersonal too, if that makes sense.

I have always thought of my blog as a type of diary about my life and all the drama's and stories that come with it. I think blogs work best when they are personal, consistent and regular.

I find too, that when i have a quite moment (which is not very often) that is when my mind turns to things other then the kids and domestic chore's. It is then that i ask myself question and ponder issues and ideas which lead to blog entries.

As i write this i can hear Roma waking and already my mind has shifted and i have lost my train of thought.....

So anyway, stick with me guys! Maybe i need to lock in some time to blog like i do with exercise and shopping!

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