Saturday, June 16, 2012

Good things come in 3's!

These beautiful babies come from my dear and closest girlfriends. 
Not only are there 3 babies, but at one stage the 3 of us were each in one of the 3 trimesters!

Spencer James Hibberd
31 March 2012
Jenson Ward
30 May 2012
The 3rd is of cause Roma.

Spencer is Lizzy's 1st bubs,
Jenson is Carli's 2nd bubs, 
and my 4th! (Nearly worked)

I have had to wait a while for my girlfriends to start their families, but the wait has been worth it. I love seeing them produce beautiful babies with the best and most supportive men be their sides. I am loving watching them turn into wonderful strong and confident mothers and now i am going to sit back wait to see these little cherubs grow and become their own individual.

Dont Spencer and Roma look like they are do a dance!

Love you girls!

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  1. It brought tears to my eyes.
    Love the pics and the words you wrote. Am looking forward to watching our families grow together