Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gloating Parents!

Well, can you believe it is the middle of the year already? Mid year break is upon us which means report time!

Now before i go ahead and show off my perfect kids reports, let just say that i am aware that it is politically incorrect to write un-positive and mean things in kids reports these days. And i don't think one single child in Australia will have an unsavoury  comment  written about them. But! Please just let me be a proud and gloating parent briefly.

Lets start with Banjo, you can probably remember my post about starting school. Well he has absolutely loved it, and settled in with almost no drama's at all! It seems like a lifetime ago that he didn't go to school! That is how relaxed and comfortable he his.

He has excelled in his reading and writing, more so then Hero did in prep and we are so proud. At home, we are still working hard to teach Banjo better listen skills, using manners more, and thinking of others more often, so when we got his report  I did have check that the name on the cover was infact Banjo Partos-Slattery!

With reports like, "Class Effort - Excellect!", and "Work Habits - Ellcellent!'"
"Banjo ALWAYS displays a positive attitude towards learning and consistently produces work that is beautifully presented" It was a little different from the Banjo we get at home!

He has come along way since the beginning of the year and it is such a buzz to watch him strive and learn at such a fast pace. Below is an example of his work at the beginning and a more recent one.
                                      26th March 2012
12th June 2012

 Hero has a beautiful sole and anyone that knows her would agree. But still, when a person that you don't know very well speaks so highly of one of your children it can bring you to tears!

Hero's teacher this year is a real winner. And through primary school you will have some not great ones and some real standouts, like Mrs Kebble. This all helps, but at the end of the day, your child has to adapted constantly to the changing school environment and learn how to stay above the water of school life, and Hero's resilience and enthusiasm is incredible to watch.
We are so proud of you sweet pea .

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