Wednesday, August 22, 2012

No dishwasher!!

This morning i woke to find that the dishwasher was not working! A fixer man was called and booked to come tomorrow. But dirty dishes in the dishwasher and all the breakfast dishes sitting on the bench had to be put at the bottom of the 'to do' list, there were many more chores that had to be done first.

So when i returned at the end of the day, with a tied baby girl and a bit of a sensitive, slightly sick and grumpy toddler, i thought how am i going to do this?!

I went into the laundry and pulled out a couple of tubs, filled them up, put them out on the deck, pulled the racks of dirty dishes out of the dishwasher and said in an enthusiastic voice, "Who wants to wash the dishes outside!!?"

WEll they had an absolute ball! They chatted and laughed and worked together as a team better then i have ever seen them work before. I know it was just a novelty, but hey, i didn't have to do them!

I think i might find the dishwasher broken more often when the family need to re bond. And i have the perfect amount of helpers for a dish washing line!


  1. Viva - Your beautiful experience has borne out the 'THEORY' that I tried on Di and the family in the 1980's. I claimed that buying a dish washer would deprive us of the bonding & communication that went on while the dishes were being done! I have not been able to live it down - until today! May I cite your blog at the next family gathering? OJ

  2. What gorgeous kids you have - bet they had the bestest time ever!