Friday, August 17, 2012

A Vision

In life we all have a vision at some stage of what we would like to be when we 'grow-up'. Wether it is places to visit, careers, marriage or a goal to work towards.

I have been thinking a lot about this lately and believe it is just as important when you have kids to have a vision for them. This is not about what you want them to be, but who you want them to be. Is it the attributes that you saw in your man when you first met? Is it a person that you admire or have admired? Is it human qualities that you wished you had more of?

Having a vision helps me in my roll as a Mum. It makes me think everyday about how i can teach and demonstrate these traits to each child. It can give my day a purpose when i have a disaster day. Like when i have just managed to do the seemingly uninspiring tasks of washing, cooking and cleaning.

This photo sums it up for me. I love this photo, my big girl has learnt so much in her 7 years, she has become a beautiful example to her little sister who is only just starting her journey from the beginning. She has chosen the perfect person to look up towards!

The first 4 years are really some of the hardest years, but also the MOST important. Bt that is whole other post!

Do you have a vision?

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  1. To bring out the best of his dad and the best of his mum....

    P.s. I'm back on the email list! Yay!!