Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My first official family portrait!

And it's a classic!

It's not easy to make this happen. The stars all have to be alined! We all have to be together, no-one asleep, no-one at a friends no-one crying, and someone other then me needs to be present to work my camera!

I am quite happy with this shot. It is far from perfect, I know Banjo looks grumpy, Jem looks like he is putting on a fake happy face and Roma is not looking at the camera, But i think our family portrait is going to take a few years to get right. This was taken in Brisbane by Jeremy's sister in law. We were rushing to get to the airport in time to catch our plane home after our holiday, but i was adamant about getting a family shot taken.

I am rarely in photo's because i usually take them, so this was important to me. I am going to make it an annual event, it will be great to see the family change  and grow.

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