Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dedicated to Hubby's

Something i get asked a lot is how do you look after 4 kids?! Well the answer is you just do. Like all families, you have your rough days and you great days, but as a mum of 1 or 4 you just motor on and do the best you can.

What i have found particularly tricky with 4 is maintaining and remembering the relationship you have with your partner. Jem and i have so little time together at the moment, if he was a child it would be considered neglect!

So often he will take some or all of the kids so i can have a break, or i will take them so he can work. And with 4 it is much easier if you divide and conquer. But it is really hard to keep that connection, there is always a little one, or big one breaking it constantly.

In the past month Jem and i have been alone (out) twice. It so so so nice. And an effort that really needs to be made.

Like everything with kids, it is just a phase, and we will get through it, but it is a hard one and one you don't hear talk about as much.

This post  is for you honey! Love you Jem!!


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