Sunday, November 25, 2012

a look back in time.

My Birthday 2012

Our wedding day 2007

I celebrated my 37th birthday at the start of this month. Jeremy took me to the Melbourne Cup. It took a  bit of planning, with the little ones, especially the littlest one, but it was well worth it!

Getting dolled up on your birthday was quite fun! Nothing like putting on a frock, some lipy and a fascinator to make you feel a bit special. Then spending it with my gorgeous man drinking French Champaign and being served 4 course's was such a buzz. We had a beautiful day, and when we got home i got to blow out birthday candles and eat yummy cake the kids decorated.

Whilst cleaning Hero's room a few day before the cup i saw this picture of Jem and i on our wedding day, with Hero in my arms and Banjo in Jem's. It occurred to me that Iggy and Roma are at a similar age and it would be a great opportunity to take a snap all dressed up with the second half of our family. Don't the kids look similar?

How time can fly, i remember feeling so happy and contented with my babies back then. It's still a bit surreal to think that 5 years on we would be back at this stage again! I am just as contented now. But maybe thats because this is the last time i will be re-visiting this stage again!

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