Wednesday, July 18, 2012

6 months

Roma is almost 6 months. It is a beautiful age.
At 6 months she beams her radiant smile freely at any willing person.
She giggles and squeals with the cutest baby sounds you can imagine.
She is no longer fragile and delicate, but strong and incredibly soft and velvety, with skin that begs to be kissed.

At 6 months their facial features start to come through, and for the first time you are able to get a little glimpse of who they might be when they get older.

I manged to find a photo of each one at 6 months, i have been quite surprised at how different they all look. I love finding similarities within their faces. Looking at their photo whilst knowing their personality so well now is a surreal and nostalgic feeling. 

I decided not to tell you which one is who, i thought it might might be fun to see you can work it out!

1 comment:

  1. Hero, Banjo, Iggy, Roma? Number 3 has to be Iggy with those big hands! And Banjo! What a wise looking 6 month old! Thanks for sharing.